Web Design and SEO Tips

Make your website mobile and tablet friendly. Over 60% of all searches on the Internet are done with a mobile device. That means you are losing money if you aren't mobile ready. When creating a mobile platform keep it simple...quick information with a simple navigation. Don't forget to add a call to action like call button...don't just list your phone number...make it live with action to dial you with one touch.

Warning: Do NOT create a template style website if you want to have good rankings on the major search engines or receive positive web traffic from potential client's. This is a form of duplicate content as indicated by Google and many others, which is a negative in their eyes. Companies like Squarespace and Wix offer great cheap methods to get a website, but in the long run it could hurt your web marketing plans. SOLUTION: Create a custom designed website with custom content throughout that informs your web audience on your industry and your services and stay away from the template web design companies....they could hurt your business or organization in the future.

Google has changed something again with how they rank your website. It's time to check your traffic reports and analytics to see where your websites performance is currently at right now. If you have dropped from the first few pages it might be because of these major changes:

  1. Secured web hosting - https instead of just http
  2. Outdated secured certificate
  3. Duplicate content being used (images, words, meta tags etc..)
  4. Are you still using a template web design like Wix or godaddy templates.

I hope this helps your web site improve along with your business or organization.

Complete this check list and get your web site ready for business.

  1. Update your content- copyright, events, address if changed, special offers, new services or products.
  2. Secure your site with a https: a new requirement from many search engines
  3. Make your website mobile friendly
  4. Check your website for broken links and clean them up
  5. Check for duplicate titles and descriptions and correct them
  6. Update images to give it a fresh new look and make sure you image tags have keywords and descriptions
  7. Update your Google site map...if you don't have one then create one.
  8. Finally, resubmit your website to the search engines and directories.

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Web Design Tips

If you can remember these rules when it comes to your web design you will grow your audience. Keep it simple and clean, no templates allowed, content is king, site map a must, use multiple data tracking solutions and always keep your website fresh. If you follow these rules and follow my past tips you will be very successful on the web.

It's important to have a website designed in HTML 5 and to have a responsive design if you want your website to be seen on all devices. You could be losing over 60% or more viewers in the near future.

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize your website. Too many times designers and businesses use clip art, or generic photos they borrow or buy from a mega image store. If you want customers to feel a connection and build a relationship with your business you need to personalize with stories that are real and photos that showcase your business, team members and yourself. When your customers see you, your team and your business doing activities like trade shows, team building or working hard in the office they feel a connection and are more likely to engage more often and do more business with you. Try it....I think you'll be surprised at the results and the power or personalization.

It's time to do a quick check up on your website and give it a fresh look for a new year. First thing update all your photos/images. Add current or new news about your company. Update that copyright tag and finally double check all your links and web pages work correctly.

Creating a bridge between all your social media platforms and your website is key in growing your web marketing and business. A simple trick is to start out with a partial comment and add a link from your social media to your website to finish the comment. This will expand the offerings and information to the visitors. Best of luck...grow your business.

SEO Tips

Is your website designed with Wordpress or another template program? Check your web code...for "no index" and get rid of it. This is telling the search engines to ignore those web pages. I just helped your business grow.

Getting your website listed on all those review type websites like Yelp, superpages, manta and merchant circle are very important, but don't just get listed... Expand the listings with details, photos and your story...these are very powerful marketing tools....don't ignore them. share it

Is your website mobile friendly? Google suggested that if your website isn't mobile friendly it could hurt your current rankings overall. Over 60% of all searches are done with a mobile device.

Well, Google made some changes last month to how you are ranked on the web, so have you taken the time to review your rankings? Most likely you have dropped to the third or fourth page if you didn't do the recommended changes. First, your URL needs to be secured. Your website needs to be responsive... Mobile friendly. Your page load speed needs to be less than 3 seconds. You need to clean up bad back links now. Then you need to make sure you resubmit your website to the search engines.

Google made some major changes a few months back, but if you just make these fixes to your website now you'll see a huge improvement to your rankings overall on Google and others.

  1. Check the speed of every page and optimize it to show up less than 2 seconds.
  2. Make your website mobile friendly.
  3. Get your website secured (https) by getting a certificate of security.

Why can't anyone find your website on the web? First...stop focusing 100% of your optimization with Google only. Look at other placements like superpages.com, yelp.com, merchantcircle.com and several others or use a service that can speed up the process like Yext.com . By listing on these other platforms they will help your rankings on Google.com

Are you having trouble being found on the search engines in your local area? First step....create a unique page regarding your local area. Include directions (map it on Google), add your phone number, contact form and familiar area images. Don't forget to add your services. Write your title with your city and State towards the front and finally make sure you add your local area name to the H1 tag. Check out WorldWise.net if you ever need help with your website or marketing.

Now that your website is starting to appear in the top results...what's next? Well it's time to make sure your title and description is written well. This is what people will see when they search for your company's products or services. Write it to get them to take action...get them to click that listing. Now go review the title and description by right clicking your mouse and then selecting view source. Look for the title tags "title" and "description"... Good luck! If you ever need help with your website call the experts at www.worldwise.net